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Portland public schools have no statewide arts education requirements. Only 18% of elementary schools offer visual art classes, while only 58% offer music classes, and 11,596 students don’t get any classes in the arts at all. For a city of so-called makers, Portland isn't making its own artists. To raise attention for this issue, we had the privilege to help concept and produce the first ever Pop-up Arcade with the fine folks at Wieden+Kennedy 12 in Portland, OR. 


Beginning with a set of repurposed vending machines—we created an interactive experience that allowed anyone to vend art from local artists, donating all profits toward arts education in the SUN Community Schools network. In the interest of art accessibility for everyone, all the art would be affordably priced—even for as little as a quarter. The Arcade attracted 700 visitors on opening night and thousands of people throughout the month. All of the art was sold, resulting in a donation sum of $7,698 to the Sun Community Schools. There's truly nothing more gratifying than making art with the next generation of artists. 

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