Learning & Development

These are immersive sessions, ideal for teams looking for a comprehensive view and evaluation of their current retail strategy. We will analyze what’s working, what can be improved upon and culminate the program with an actionable roadmap for implementing a strategy to bring your concepts to life. The workshop will culminate with a clear strategic roadmap, a conceptual design plan and production budget estimates that incorporate all estimated moving parts for an effective offline experience.

We will work side-by-side your team to unlock potential opportunities in the market as well as evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of existing concepts and opportunities. As your ideation partner, we will work with you to create a retail expansion blueprint and create a strategy that take your idea to the next phase. This offering is ideal for a group looking to co-ideate about retail strategies. Based on the level of experience of the group, we will uncover insights that help roadmap future opportunities to grow your business via brick-and-mortar retail channels.

The agenda is designed according to the brand's needs and includes 1 hands on field trip to a relevant business / service in the area. 

Photos from our January Workshop with Fellow Products who has recently opened up their first flagship store in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.