Experiential creative studio that pushes brands to show up, IRL.


Whereabout helps online brands scale up through pop-ups and in-store experiences.

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With the experience economy on the rise, retail must be do more than move product. We exist to transform passive showrooms into meaningful brand outposts filled with experiences that turn customers into brand evangelists.

Sitting at the intersection of brand marketing and retail innovation, our spaces are more than design: every detail aims to push the creative boundaries within this rapidly changing landscape.

With past experience sitting on both agency and client side, we’ve created a unique model that is built on collaboration. Whether you’re looking to launch a pop-up or revive your storefront with fresh creative concepts, we work with you on the big stuff, sweat the small and everything in between. 


Not your typical studio

Marketing meets Retail

We sit at the intersection of brand marketing and retail. Different from many experiential marketing agencies, we know what gets people talking and are trained to translate that to the rapidly changing retail environment. 

Holistic planning

We believe that experiential retail doesn't stop at the design. Everything from the design to the launch to the programming must work together and it's our job to deliver a holistic plan.

Handpicked team

We assemble our teams around you. Knowing that every solution is different, our curated teams are passionate and dedicated to you. Whether you're renovating an airstream or creating a pop-up arcade, we engage a unique set of experts for each project. 

The future store doesn’t look like a store. So our team doesn’t look like your average team. 

We are a first of its kind retail collective designed to serve the next generation of retailers. We are a group of thinkers, doers and makers across a variety of industries spanning tech, advertising, art and theatre. We’ve designed wandering restaurants, living showrooms, Broadway shows and everything in between. Different than most studios, we handpick our teams based on a combination of expertise, passion and brand fit so brands can get the very best team for the job.


O U R   F O U N D E R

Gabriela Baiter
Founder & Creative Director

Gabriela Baiter is the Founder and Creative Director of Whereabout, an experiential studio that helps brands navigate the future of retail through pop-ups and in-store experiences. Sitting at the intersection of brand marketing and retail innovation, Whereabout transforms passive storefronts into meaningful brand outposts for the ever-changing consumer. With over a decade of experience, Gabriela and her team have launched dozens of integrated pop-ups and store concepts for digitally-native brands and retailers including Fellow, Floyd, Toms, and Hunker.

Prior to Whereabout, Gabriela spearheaded brand and experiential projects for tech giants Facebook and Uber. Her passion for retail emerged at Uber, where she overhauled the company’s Driver Support Centers, a global retail footprint spanning over 250,000 square feet.

Known in the industry as a retail futurist, Gabriela speaks at a variety of conferences and is frequently featured on RetailWire, Bloomberg and PSFK where she discusses the future of retail and how stores shouldn't look anything like stores.

Bloomberg Speaker & Contributor

Bloomberg Speaker & Contributor

Mentor & Advisor

Mentor & Advisor

Braintrust Member & Contributor

Braintrust Member & Contributor

PSFK Speaker & Contributor

PSFK Speaker & Contributor


Kaia Davis
Strategy Lead

Kaia builds authentic relationships between brands and consumers that drive innovation and growth. She's a consumer-focused systems-thinker, energized by creating solutions that address causes, not symptoms.  She has industry expertise spanning sports, retail, and consumer products.

Victoria Semarjian
Executive Producer

Victoria has 17+ years of experience delivering well-executed strategies that build lasting relationships with consumers. Specialist in forging seamless, innovative, multi-channel experiences that enables consumers to engage & interact with brands, products and services in a unique & authentic manner. Extensive experience that spans experiential, photoshoot & print production. Ablility to make any creative concept a reality. 

Drew Downie
Associate Creative Director 

Since 2010, Drew has been working at the crossroads of design, entrepreneurship, and brand development for fortune 500 companies, startups, and companies. He loves applying the creative process to the launching and growth of successful ideas at any stage. He's helped grow companies from the initial line on a paper to millions in revenue, worked toward ground-breaking launches.