Timbers FC | Pop-up Series


Uber had the privilege of being the preferred ride share partner of the Portland Timbers, the 2015 MLS Cup Champions. Rather than using in stadium signage to drive awareness, Uber knew that there was a bigger opportunity to engage their audience in a more meaningful way. 


With an MLS Cup Championship under the Timber's belt and a technology that can bring riders anything at the touch of a button, we worked with Uber and the Timbers to identify unique ways to build community around the Cup while giving back to the fans who cheered them on along the way.

We landed on a series of unique pop-ups that brought fans closer to their team with the delivery of once-in-a-lifetime experiences at the touch of a button.

  1. Pop-up Photo-op - The MLS Cup means nothing without the fans who cheered them on along the way. Rather than locking the MLS Cup in a trophy case, we brought it to people's door step. With the tap of a button, fans had the chance to score a pop-up photo-op with their team mascot, Timber Joey and the MLS Cup trophy.

  2. UberCHOPPER - Fans spend thousands of dollars a year to gain first row access to the field. Why not take things up a notch and give them a seat in the sky? In partnership with Uber, fans were able to request CHOPPER in their Uber app for a chance to soar over Providence Park in a helicopter.

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Pop-up Photo-op

V I D E O    R E C A P

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